College Strategy

In the years that we have been advising high school students and their families in the area of college admissions we have been asked more than a few times about the "secrets".

- How do some students win full tuition scholarships, while others -even a few valedictorians- end up paying full price?  And these questions are only the 'tip of the iceberg' for those forward looking students and their parents who are beginning to engage with the convoluted world of selective college admissions. We do not pretend to possess insight to answer for every case. But if we are pressed to explain what is really going on in these situations we are confident that the best answer is described by a single word: STRATEGY.

- In our view, students who are able to execute a superior college strategy during the high school years will almost always receive better college outcomes than those who may be quite strong students, but who have a poor or non-existent college strategy. For students that love volunteering this program is perfect for you. Serving others allows for non-cognitive development unlike taking test in school does. Good grades along with that additional development can give you a competitive edge you are looking for. 

- Like sports, competitive college admissions and finance is ultimately a game of strategy among talented players.
​The Crisis 
"Nationwide, there is roughly one guidance counselor for every 475 students. In California, the ratio is closer to one counselor for every 1,000 students. When building strong personal relationships with students isn't at the heart of any counselor's efforts, we perpetuate a system that is unworkable. 

These impossible caseloads and antiquated conceptions of the role of counselors force many guidance counselors to spend most of their day on non-guidance tasks, like being hallway monitors, mailing deficiency notices, filling in as substitute teachers, and administering discipline."

- Former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan's Remarks at the College Board AP Conference JULY 15, 2010 -

The Summit college strategy is student centric, focused on helping the student mature into adulthood while developing the habits of mind, character, and personal skills necessary to succeed in high school, college, and beyond. 

Are you a high school student in need of online college advising?

  • Our online student-centered courses are designed to help students think ahead about the concerns of college. Traditionally, “college admissions” is considered a last-minute scramble that high school seniors stress about for a few months.

  • Unfortunately, the traditional method is not very effective for the majority of students. Nationally, over 30% of students do not return to the college at which they were admitted for a Sophomore year. Perhaps more tragic is that only 39% of college students who got admitted to a Bachelor’s degree program, actually earned the Bachelor’s degree in four years!
  • The Summit Scholars college planning philosophy begins much earlier. It seeks to guide students to a better understanding of their interests and strengths in order to: make much better college decisions.. Helping you make a better match for a more effective college selection process.  

We focus on the question “who is the student?” not the traditional, “who is the college?”.

Our courses help students develop an understanding of the core concerns when it comes to college planning. For example; building a resume with volunteering, understand college study methods, financial aid, essays, scholarships, and more. 

- Unlike the traditional methods of “college admissions” where the student re-actively waits until a college reaches out to them, our assignments will teach the student how to proactively position themselves for favorable responses and more importantly informed choices as they go through the college selection process. 

- In this way, each student scholar will have a somewhat different planning experience from others. Parental preferences, as well as student’s abilities, aspirations, and trajectory, allow the student to customize the program they want. 

- Most importantly, we aid in the achievement of the students hopes and dreams for a WINNING college experience.