Shape Up for College

Financial responsibility and academic choices are two major changes you will face. These courses will lay the realistic expectations and understanding in both of these major area as you plan for college. 

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The  Shape up for college program covers the essentials of how to get admitted to and pay for college and is designed for flexible online learning.

  • It is self paced for students who are short on time, but motivating making the most of their minutes. 
  • The critical areas for high school and college achievement such as self discovery, study skills, integrated co-curriculum planning, organizing the search, college selection, admissions testing, college applications, essay writing, and maximizing financial aid are covered in the interactive learning management system.
  • It is ideally suited for high school sophomore through seniors.

SUMMIT PLUS PACKAGE  is the best value! 
- Two Virtual meetings                       
- College and career assessment              
- One bundled set of  (4) courses 

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College Application

Apply and get accepted to college! Find out the things that are needed in college admission. Learn the different types of college applications, strategies and instructions that will make college applications a lot easier.

College Visits

Get ready for college visits. Learn the important steps in preparing for college visits. This course teaches what to look for and who to speak to during your college visits. Know the essential questions to get answered to make better college choices.

Concept Mapping

Learn to organize your notes! Concept mapping is used to see relationship of things and summarizes a certain lesson. Several practices on concept mapping is provided to master the technique.

Cornell Note Taking

Improve your note-taking skills. Effective note taking helps students to understand and remember the information.

Financial Aid Parts 1 & 2

Learn how money works in college. You will be introduced to the types of financial aid and the requirements. An example financial aid computation is also presented.

Five Days Study Plan

Create a better study plan. Learn what to do and avoid while studying. This will teach you how to create an effective study plan. Get an amazing example of a five day study plan and make it your own!

Math Study Skills

Master math now! Are you one of those who often say "I am not good at math"? Are there ways to cure this? Learn the common reasons why students struggle in Math and discover how to improve your Math skills. 


Get a college scholarship! Scholarships can be a great source for funding college. Learn about the types and tools for finding great college scholarship. Learn how to avoid common scholarship pitfalls.


How to read a book? Learn the strategy to better understand and remember what you are reading.  Find out what the SQ3R method is to learn how to apply it to improve your learning in high school and college. 

Transition To College
​Parts 1 & 2

Get ready for college! There are a lot of things that need adjustment in the transition to college. These courses acquaint students with the immense difference between high school and college. Know the reasons for college students' failure and get effective tips to succeed and excel in college.

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Bundle One

Transition to College Part 1

Transition to College Part 2

Math Study Skills

Cornell Note Taking

Bundle Two

Concept Mapping
Five Days Study Plan
College Visits
College Applications 

Bundle Three



Financial Aid Part 1

Financial Aid Part 2

Bundle Four

Select any four of the above listed courses to create your own bundle. 

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