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4 Phase College Strategy™

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    4 Phase College Strategy™

When many students think of planning for college they think of filling out forms, taking tests and sending in applications to local colleges. We call this the traditional method of college admissions, one that focuses on "getting in". In our 4 Phase College Strategy we focus on college graduation "getting out". 

Our 4 Phase strategy including student readiness, student discovery, college selection and college admissions. You will find elements of each strategy in our Shape Up for College courses. 

Student Readiness - Developing the non-cognitive stills of a student with goal setting and volunteering 

Student Discovery - Personality and Career assessment that diagnose abilities and interest of the student and matches careers and college majors

College Selection - Utilizing assessments and courses to help students understand the features they should look for in a good fit college 

College Admissions - Impress admissions officers with the debt of service learning and maturity you bring to any campus

"Every seat on the plane is not the same price, neither is the price of a college education" Why not have a strategy?

We seek to give middle school and high school students education about higher education so that they can make informed choices as they proceed through the college selection process. We aid parents in supporting their children as they maneuver through the middle school and high school years to develop a scholarship worthy resume for college. 

Meet Our Team

Our team has visited over 125 colleges and spent over 25 years in educational leadership as school administrators and certified college counselors. They bring a wealth of understanding of students and parents with administrative, teaching, and counseling backgrounds. Their experience covers public, private, and online education building upon these strengths to create a unique program.

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