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Get exposure to real jobs, set goals and earn awards. These courses will guide you in our Summit Scholars Achievement awards as you serve your community and build your resume.  We have partnered with non-profit organizations to provide virtual volunteering opportunities for high school students. Teens can volunteer, set goals, gain insight on writing college essays and build character in this program while earning a National Achievement Award.  

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Summit Scholars® 
Achievement Awards Program

Along with the ultimate honor of presidential recognition at the bronze, silver or gold levels, recipients may receive an official pin or medallion and a congratulatory letter from the President of the United States!

Build Your Community 

Summit Scholars is proud to be qualified as an official Certifying Organization entrusted with the significant responsibility for identifying individuals for Presidential recognition while upholding the integrity of the President's Volunteer Service Award. 

Build Your Resume

In this role Summit seeks to identify those high school students who excel in service by making important contributions to their local community, their town, and to the nation. 

Building Character

Summit Scholars provides guidance, support, and encouragement to students to develop strong character, selflessness, a spirit of giving and a greater sense of awareness of social responsibility to those in need. 

Build Big Goals  

Students in this program will be guided in setting goals toward what they are learning now which translates into college going practices for the future. Summit  has designed the program to develop habits of accountability with hands on experiences. 

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  • Course in our learning management system 
  • Record keeping 
  • Service learning component 
  • Award to qualifying students 
  • Goals directed curriculum 
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Benefits of Serving others through volunteering

Develop Transferable Skills

Children and young adults who volunteer regularly practices skills like collaboration, problem-solving, and leadership that are vital to succeed in academics, the workplace, and their personal lives. 

Support Academic Success

82% of students who participated in service-learning opportunities reported increased positive feelings about attending school. Children who volunteer are also found to be more engaged in academics by helping them apply classroom-based learning to real-world situations.

Practice Empathy

Empathy and citizenship are developed during childhood and adolescence. Participating in volunteer activities from an early age can help foster empathy and inclusivity, qualities necessary for building safe, unified communities. 

Help Children Value Themselves

As children grow, they develop an increased self-awareness. Children and teens who consistently participate in acts of good through activities like community service not only learn to value others, they learn to respect themselves, which is critical to sustaining emotional well-being. 

Reinforce Social Capital

Participating in community service is especially important for low-income youth. Research shows that volunteering can serve as an “effective conduit to positive educational and career outcomes for low-income youth” (Opportunity Nation). 

Create Volunteers for Life

Children and teens who volunteer are more likely to become more civically-engaged adults. Young people who volunteer regularly are more likely to volunteer and donate to community causes as adults. 

"There are plenty of ways organizations and communities can engage young volunteers. Check out this article for best practices in engaging teen volunteers."

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