• C.A.O. Chief Academic Officer at Granville T. Woods Academy Memphis, TN
  •  National Distinguished Principal - Sponsored by NAESP selected by NJPSA.
  • Visionary Leader of the Year for State of New Jersey - Elementary - Sponsored by NJPSA/State School Boards.
  • Governor's School of Excellence for Academic Achievement - $25,000 award.
  • Expertise in development and implementation of school improvement and curriculum programs that impact accomplishment of district-wide strategic planning goals and implementation of the Common Core Standards.
  • Lifetime commitment to excellence and quality education programs that emphasize the personal development of diverse urban students to become successful in careers and college.
  • Assistant Superintendent Pleasantville Public Schools, Pleasantville, NJ
  • Independent Education Consultant

Personal Career Achievements and Highlights

  • Graduate school instructor for Regional Training Center 10 years - trained in four graduate education courses.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and apply creative thinking skills towards long and short range goals.

School Achievements and Highlights

Washington Avenue Elementary School, which serves as the district bilingual elementary school, has received many accolades for achievement and competitions. A few are highlighted.
  • Urban school administrator with more than 35 years of experience leading faculty, students and parents.
  • Hispanic Award from ING and Hispanic Magazine - Two days stay in Washington, D.C. for Principal and teacher. Visited Department of Education.
  • National Center for Urban School Transformations Honor Roll Recipient - 2008.